[ardour-users] Ardour not fast enough (again)

intent at netpratique.fr intent at netpratique.fr
Wed Aug 31 11:28:11 PDT 2005

On dimanche 28 Août 2005 16:51, audio lathe wrote:
> Thank you intent, you were absolutely right. I didn't realise the
> plugins could affect ardour that way (but now I think about it DUH!!)
> and that was enough to track down the offending plugin - it was the
> "LFO Phaser".

There is a simple trick to be able to use theses faulty plugins in ardour, the 
idea is to feed them with an unhearable noise level, just enough so that the 
plugins don't enter denormal mode. For that I used the vynil simulator from 
Steve Harris, not for the cheezey effect but because you can level the "hum" 
noise. Just put it before the LFO Phaser in the chain.  It's a stereo plugin 
though and won't work on mono tracks. Another candidate, and mono, could be 
the TAP pink/fractal noise. That would do the same i guess. 

> To answer your question about the plugins I'm using the following plugin
> setup
> pre-fader plugins
> glame Butterworth Lowpass
> glame Bandpass analog filter
> I use these as I like a nice kind of "black backdrop" behind the
> music, I dont like extraneous high frequency noise in my recordings.
These glame EQ are nice albeit the last time i checked them they eated more 
CPU cycles than the TAP "EQ with BW" (one of my personal fav). 

> post fader plugins
> Dyson Compressor
> GVerb (a favourite)
> SC4 Compressor
> Valve Saturation
> Simple Amplifier
> SC1 Compressor
> LFO Phaser (well I was using this one)
> Reverse Delay
> Barry's Satan Maximiser
I use a lot the TAP TubeWarmth theses days as a generic roots soundin' dynamic 
EQ. (the Sigmoid booster before that but it sounds too harshy to my hears 



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