[ardour-users] Ardour needs a forum

D. R. Evans N7DR at arrl.net
Tue Aug 30 06:02:07 PDT 2005

Steve Robinson said the following at 2005-08-30 01:41 :
> The Ardour mailing list is extremely active .....too
> active. If I have ever seen the need for a forum this
> is it.

I disagree -- unless the forum/fora are gatewayed to one or more mail 
reflectors, so that people who prefer e-mail can continue to receive the 
information that way.

Here's why:

With a forum, you have to fire up a web browser and you have to make the 
effort to go and read the information instead of having it all delivered 
automatically to one's mailbox in a near-real-time basis. The e-mail is at 
least as nicely threaded as any forum. And one has the archives local, and 
can flag important messages for easy retrieval. I for one can find things 
in e-mail archives many, many times faster than finding it through some 
search function for a web site.

> If one is looking for info on something it is very
> difficult to find. One has to search thru a mass of
> mail archives. It's a daunting task.

I don't understand this statement. "Search Messages..." works fine in TB. 
Something equivalent is available in any decent e-mail client. Perhaps I am 
missing the point somehow?

   Doc Evans

PS The whole forum phenomenon has mystified me for a while. I can't think 
of a single advantage compared to e-mail, and there seem to be a whole ton 
of disadvantages. Actually, I guess that's not true -- I suppose that it is 
easier to have categories in a forum; but the tiny amount of traffic on the 
ardour reflectors doesn't seem to justify categories. I have to disagree 
that the volume on ardour-users is high; it's one of the least active 
reflectors to which I subscribe -- and has one of the highest 
signal-to-noise ratios. Although I suspect that this posting is adding to 
the noise :-(

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