[ardour-users] Help with Ardour installation please

woweepratt at comcast.net woweepratt at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 00:31:28 PDT 2005

I'm runing into problems with jackd. When I try to install Ardour it wants to un-install jackd. When I let it do this the installation goes smoothly, but Ardour cannot run because it can't find the JACK server. 

Re-installation of JACKd is impossible without ripping out all KDE components. 

I have tried upgrading JACKD but, again, it wants to un-install my GUI interface and lots of other programs which came with my distro.

I am using Mepis 3.3 (Debian release with Kernel 2.6.10). 

Can you help me?


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