[ardour-users] [Fwd: Ardour: Importing existing wav files -- bug?]

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Mon Aug 29 02:30:25 PDT 2005

Subject: Ardour: Importing existing wav files -- bug?
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:25:49 -0700
From: Matthew Trent <term at localaccess.com>
To: ccomb at free.fr

I sent this to the ardour-users list, but it's stuck in the moderation
(I'm not subscribed), so I hope you don't mind I'm re-sending it to you.
Maybe you could forward it on to the list if you can confirm this? Thanks.


First off, I'm using ardour "0.9beta29_cvs20050815-5" from Christophe
Combelles (thanks!).

I'm having trouble importing multiple wav files at once. I start a new
project, then go to Edit->Import Audio -> ...as new track, and select a few
files. Ardour then starts to resample and import them, but the end
result is
not as expected.

First, depending on how many files I've selected, only some of them are
created as new tracks, while others are only put into the "regions" box
(should they go there at all??). Additionally, the names and the content
all mixed up -- with the name saying one thing, but the content actually
being from one of the other files. Also, of the files that end up in the
"regions" box, the last few repeat one of the other file names, with
underscores appended, rather than the correct names.

Should be pretty easy to duplicate though... Is this something peculiar to
these debian packages or are can anybody else duplicate this with recent

I'm not on the list, so please CC me.

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