[ardour-users] Introduction and congratulations

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Tue Aug 16 19:26:37 PDT 2005

Hi all,
My name is Andrés Cabrera and I'm a sound engineer and musician, working
primarily on tv post-production (been doing it for more than 5 years). I
have extensive experience with ProTools (LE, Mix and HD systems), Sonar
and Logic Audio. 
I'm starting to put Ardour through rigorous work on a project which
tests the limits of any multi-track editor, and I have been very
positively impressed by Ardour's workflow and features (though some are
still rough on the edges...) and it's amazing to see an open source tool
which delivers productivity and speed of usage.
Right now I'm recording an english audio CD course which has hundreds of
edits across a 66 minute timeline, and although Ardour has gotten slower
as the session got heavier, I'm pretty sure it beats my other option for
this project which was Sonar.
These are some things I really like about Ardour:
- The edit cursor
- The non-realtime bounce (Protools users wish they had this!)
- The export toc for cdrdao burning
- The well thought and efficient editing interface
- Its audition options
- Plugins as pre fader or post fader processes
- The idea of snapshots

But my love affair with Ardour hasn't been only roses...
SIZE!! message with only one button to exit. I was later relieved to
find I could close this window, save and then close Ardour... Maybe a
second button 'save and close' should be there for unwary visitors like

I've found it somewhat unstable, with occasional segfaults. I'm getting
everything ready to build from source with debugging so I can help track
this. This mostly occurs when splitting clips (using 's').
Sometimes the segfaults cause the original .ardour file to disappear...
=(, so I have to use the .bak.

But I'm not dissing Ardour, I really like it, and hope it continues
improving, which I'm sure it will.
I'm currently using Ardour 0.9beta29 from PlanetCCRMA on an FC2 Planet
CRRMA system. I'm working with an Echo Mona Laptop interface (at 5ms
latency which Sonar can't do with the same hardware) and an external
Lacie firewire drive.

So I'm just saying hi, saying congratulations and introducing myself to
prepare people for the flood of suggestions to come...=)



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