[ardour-users] Region "Bounce" Menu Item

Neil Klepeis lists at netsession.org
Thu Apr 28 02:27:40 PDT 2005

vanDongen/Gilcher wrote:
> It is a design problem really. The idea is to replace the original region with 
> a "mixed" version. But if the plugins make it stereo, it won't fit in a mono 
> track. So what to do?
> Ideally you would get a popup with something like the following message and 
> options:
> "the bounce you are creating has more (less) channels than the track it is in
>  do you want to:
>  a)mix them together
>  b)use only channels x-z
>  c)don't add the bounce to this track, but add it to the region list
>  d)cancel
> "
> Which one would make the most sense as a default?
> Note that you can get any of the other options by making a range selection and 
> doing an "export range" with appriopate output selection and then importing.

This feature seems to be most about convenience in permanently changing 
a single audio file. The most likely application probably being 
compression/limiting from mono to mono or stereo to stereo.   Rather 
than do anything too complex when channel mismatches arise, I would say 
just add the altered region to the region list.   If the user is 
creating some weird new channel count using various plugins, then just 
give them what they seem to want, and let them insert it somewhere 
themselves.   In this way, the bounce feature is a simple "one button" 
convenience function that automatically replaces the region and/or adds 
it to the region list (with a special message, but no dialog, for cases 
when the channel count changes).


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