[ardour-users] Tempo controled tremolo plugin

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Apr 26 08:13:08 PDT 2005

>Does anyone know if there is a tremolo plugin that will determine its
>speed based on a tempo (preferably the BPM setting in ardour)?

LADSPA contains no mechanism to relay tempo information to the plugin.

i would be willing to work with any LADSPA plugins on a hack similar
to the one we adopted for relaying latency values *from* plugins. if
the plugin has a port called "tempo", we could write the current tempo
in BPM (more in a second) to the plugin at the start of every
process() cycle.

however, you have to define BPM as well. the simplest definition is
quarter notes (crotchets to my fellow brits) per minute. 

there could be errors around the tempo changes, however, until a
slicker implementation came along.


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