[ardour-users] Automation and the BCF2000

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Apr 25 18:41:20 PDT 2005

>Keith Smith wrote on Mon, 25-Apr-2005:
> > 1. In Cubase, connections for channel controls appear to be made
> > dynamically, based on the channel's position. Say you have 20 channels
> > (exceeding the number you can control with the BCF), and there are  3 or
> > 4 (say tracks 17 -19) that you want to write gain envelopes for. You can
> > simply drag those channels to the top of the editor and they become
> > accessible as the first 3 faders on the BCF. Is there a way I can coax
> > Ardour to do this?

as jesse said no. bindings in ardour are not mapped to abstract track
"positions" but to specific tracks. there is one exception to this
right now, but you will likely not have encountered it. MMC Track
Record Enable messages include a track ID, and this has to be mapped
somehow to an ardour track. these two approaches will have to

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