[ardour-users] Refugee from Windoze/Cubase -drowning in Linux/Ardour

Keith Smith kah.smith at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 19 18:22:59 PDT 2005

Thanks again and yet again.
I guess we both know "But what?" is a rhetorical question? :)   

Here's :
[ks at S01060050da7307e1 ~]$ ls /usr/local/bin
jack_bufsize     jack_impulse_grabber  jack_monitor_client
jack_connect     jack_load             jackrec              jack_unload
jack_disconnect  jack_lsp              jack_showtime
jack_freewheel   jack_metro            jack_simple_client
[ks at S01060050da7307e1 ~]$
I see the same file names in /usr/bin, so I can just nuke these?
Whoops I just did! I know that seems a bit brave, but here's what
Just before I began this reply things were going rather well, but as you
noticed, without realtime.  I had just recorded 8 tracks from the Roland
to Ardour and was piling on some plugins to see what would happen. 

So, I closed Ardour and restarted Jack in Realtime, and recalled the
same project in Ardour. Well, things started to get a bit bumpy. Jack
(or Ardour) refused to make connections automatically. I was able to
make a few manually and then Ardour crashed when playing back (actually
hung the whole system). 

I rebooted, disk checked and tried again with the same project and
Ardour crashed while I was making the Jack connections manually. So I
rebooted and tried again with a different Ardour project and everything
was fine. I've no idea, but I wonder if the first project got corrupted
on the first crash.
Before this last boot with the different project I nuked the files
listed above. Maybe that was the problem? Argh!! I know. Bad Detective!!

Re the cards:
I have done the modprobe changes suggested on the CCRMA pages, so I
think I'm OK there. 

But in connection with that and with Paul's question about these
RPC-1's, I should note that in order to get jack going I had to spec
Input and Output channels as 0. I'm assuming that's because these cards
have no analogue I/O. Jack seems quite happy with that, and lists Inputs
and Outputs as pcm's. 

Playback goes through the Roland VS-2480 inputs/ dac and on to the
amp/spkrs. I suppose one of the next things to do is to try different
sample rates on the VS-2480 to try to find out what's actually
controlling the sample rate with this combination of hardware.

I've stayed away from using the ICE1712 multi's in Qjackctrl. Does that
make sense to you?

Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on configure compile install. The veil
lifts very slowly, but every little bit helps!


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