[ardour-users] Refugee from Windoze/Cubase -drowning in Linux/Ardour

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Apr 19 14:42:34 PDT 2005

>> configuring for 44100Hz, period =3D 1024 frames, buffer =3D 2 periods
>> ALSA: cannot set channel count to 2 for capture
>> ALSA: cannot configure capture channel

what audio interface h/w is this?

>3) The path that Jack is running is apparently wrong for a properly
>installed Planet box:
>/usr/local/bin/jackd -t200 -dalsa -r44100 -p1024 -n2 -D -Chw:0 -Phw:0
>-i2 -o2 -zs
>This is telling me that possibly you have compiled Jack yourself and,
>if that's the case, all bets are sort of off right now in terms of
>what's happening. Try doing (as root)

this is definitely a problem. no PlanetCCRMA-configured box should be
executing (or even have) jackd in /usr/local/bin. 


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