[ardour-users] Hardware Monitoring on RME9636

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 11:10:09 PDT 2005

On 4/17/05, Martin Buechler <martin.buechler at vrweb.de> wrote:
> Hi ardour-users,
> What do I have to do to get HW monitoring working? What change in
> asound.state is needed, or even .asoundrc? How must jack be started to
> receive monitor events from ardour, i.e. punch-in/out? How must ardour
> be configured to send such events, the sessions seem not to memorize the
> 'Hardware Monitoring' switch, or
> Should I better buy a little external mixer and forget about the card's
> hw monitoring feature?

   It ain't pretty but I've done it using hdspmixer and different
preset files. My main outs on the HDSP 9652 are A3-1 & A3-2. If I'm
recording something from a hardware input, like In 9/10 (A2-1 & A2-2)
the I have a preset file that routes that directly to A3-1/A3-2 for
zero delay.

   I've also messed a bit with routing to an inexpensive extenal
reverb unit for recording vocals. It helps.

   Anyway, as I said, it ain't pretty, but it does work.


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