[ardour-users] strange waveform display

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Fri Apr 15 07:50:45 PDT 2005


is anyone else seeing waveform display anomolies when zoom span is  
16:14:19 or larger? i'm seeing displays which don't correspond to the  
audio data, including some sections zeroed out. as i view even larger  
timespans, things get worse, and it appears that a smaller and smaller  
portion of the wave data is displayed, as the zoom span gets larger and  
at a zoom span of 08:39:49:09 (yes, i suppose that's extreme, but it  
should still work, no?), i see a display which corresponds to about the  
first 3/4-sec of data, in a region which is about 2hr20min long!

i'm using 09beta28.


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