[ardour-users] Re: ardour crashed now won't start anymore

jazzridenews jazzride at laposte.net
Thu Apr 14 00:48:28 PDT 2005

jazzridenews a écrit :
> Paul Davis a écrit :
>>> Anyway I did all that and got the low latency kernel and rebooted and
>>> everything was fine.  Got ardour 0.9 beta28 via apt, JACK and a few
>>> other bits and pieces.  I was very excited to start using ardour (as a
>>> ex protools user) and was loving it until I decided to play with the
>>> time/stretch option on a track.  Ardour just exited itself...being late
>>> I decided to go to bed.  This morning when I booted up and started
>>> ardour...nothing.  So I ran it in the terminal and it gives me
>>> 'segmentation fault'.
>> lets try for some more information first.
>> what command are you giving to start ardour?
> ---------------
> Hi friends
> same pb for me : Ardour 0.9beta28 crashes with Agnula Demudi 1.2.1 rc2
> It's the first time I have problems with this great DAW.
> (thanx Paul Davis for your work.
> A french non professional ddrummer) ;-)
Ardour 0.9beta28 works fine with
- Agnula Demudi 1.2.1 live cd
- Agnula Demudi 1.2.1 rc1

I have some problems with Agnula Demudi 1.2.1 rc2 and Ardour
regards. ;-)

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