[ardour-users] ardour crashed now won't start anymore

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Apr 12 19:17:13 PDT 2005

>Anyway I did all that and got the low latency kernel and rebooted and
>everything was fine.  Got ardour 0.9 beta28 via apt, JACK and a few
>other bits and pieces.  I was very excited to start using ardour (as a
>ex protools user) and was loving it until I decided to play with the
>time/stretch option on a track.  Ardour just exited itself...being late
>I decided to go to bed.  This morning when I booted up and started
>ardour...nothing.  So I ran it in the terminal and it gives me
>'segmentation fault'.

lets try for some more information first. 

what command are you giving to start ardour?

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