[ardour-users] Eek nice hefty crash action...

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Sun Apr 10 23:02:37 PDT 2005

Hello all - sorry for cross post - wasn't sure who might have an idea...

see what you think of THIS one.  I was working with Ardour beta28, didn't make any system changes or anything, and I have done this with this version of Ardour before (yesterday in fact)... 

I just exported a region by right clicking and choosing export, and had it write to 44.1 16 bit format (the session is 48k) and it hung.  I had to use the reset button to reset.  So it reset, I logged in, tried the same thing again.  This time Ardour crashed and exited.  So I went to start it up again and it flat wouldn't.  It didn't do anything.  So I said ok I'll reboot again.  I did that, and instead of booting, I got this (after a small scroll of stuff I don't recognize):

    kernel panic fatal exception in interrupt 

And after a try or two rebooting with acpi turned off in the bios and such, now it stops with this (after similar scroll):

    unable to handle kernel paging request

What the $%#?  Everything I've googled so far tells me things about RAM and IRQ and acpi, which gives me a bad feeling that I've got a hardware problem.  What does anyone think?

The system is gento 2.6.6 kernel...uh...I dunno what else...brain fried...

Aaron Trumm
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