[ardour-users] CCRMA vs. AGNULA

Rhythm King Drums jwsmith at rhythmkingdrums.com
Wed Apr 6 07:47:42 PDT 2005

stability is my major issue and I don't care how hard or time consuming it is to
achieve. Which configuration (distribution, kernel, packages, file system, etc.)
should I use?

Consider partitioning your hard drive or using multiple drives to 
install several flavors of linux.
You can get a better idea of how each one works and learn a little more 
this way.
Try a binary install on one partition, and if you want you can begin the 
long process of building a system from scratch on another drive or 
I use the lilo boot loader with one drive for linux and one for windows.
I also use a windows system called n-track studio. The system is good 
and it is inexpensive. You can get it from c-net.
If my linux system crashes, which it never does, I can boot into windows 
and keep going. My windows / n-track system is also fairly stable.
Start with binarys and get your feet wet.
Learn linux and do some experimenting.
My apologies for using the "W" word.
I hate Win but sometimes it is a nessasary evil.

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