[ardour-users] everything coming out of the right side only

Nathaniel Virgo nathaniel.virgo at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 29 15:22:58 PDT 2004

Is there a 10-band eq anywhere in your session?  I've had the same 
problem a number of times, but always when using that plugin.  If it's 
there, try disabling it to see if that's it.

Josh Karnes wrote:

> Hey-
> I have a session that only plays on one side.  Was working fine, but 
> now suddenly I open the file, play the tune, only the right side of 
> the stereo master is working.  Everything's good in jack, looks like 
> the outputs are connected right inside of ardour's connections panel.  
> Any clue where to look to fix this?
> This is beta19.
> See ya-
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