[ardour-users] Running Jack with Hammerfall HDSP

Dan Sawyer dsawyer at blenderwars.com
Mon Sep 20 22:23:16 PDT 2004

> Are you running jack with root privileges, or the appropriate kernel
> patches?  Looks like it's having a hard time getting the access it needs
> to the real-time scheduler..  I could be wrong, but - I thought I'd try. :)

Ok, so, I run qjackctl as root with realtime priority and...
it works (or seems to).  However...no applications that use sound can run - 
for  example xine returns "could not initialize audio driver."  Realplay 
refuses to start.  Audacity (and most other audio apps) says "No soundcard 
configured" and so on.

So....what's the next part?  The Jack FAQ page suggests that the problem is 
that the Jack server is running as root and the apps are not, but I can't buy 
that this is the problem if Jack will only run as root,  since that's a huge 
security issue.

BTW - several people asked about kernel version - I'm running 2.6.5-7 on SuSE 
9.1 (default kernel upgrade).

Thanks much for the help so far :-)
-Dan Sawyer

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