[ardour-users] Xrun - Aaarrrgghhh!!

Joe Button ardour at joebutton.co.uk
Mon Sep 13 15:28:28 PDT 2004

This any help?


Brief summary as I understand it:

1) Install the realtime-lsm module:

2) modprobe realtime allcaps=1

3) See if performance improves if you set the following environment variable:

4) Hopefully that should give adequate performance on a 2.2Ghz machine, but if
   it's still not good enough you could try Ingo Molnar's voluntary preemption

Hope somebody will correct me if I've got it wrong.

Good luck.

On Monday 13 Sep 2004 22:48, Alexander wrote:
> Hi all!
> [ sorry for my english, i'm brazilian ]
> I have one Debian with 2.6.8 kernel, Atlhon 2.2, 256MB RAM and HD with
> 40GB.
> Hard disk have 50MB/sec of transfer rate.
> Jackd is 0.98.8
> And I have a LOT of xruns!!!!
> Somebody tell me about one patch. But I don't have any idea if it's realy
> necessary or where can I find this patch and how configure options of this
> patch.
> Somebody can help me???!!!!
> Wath's happen with jackd?!
> In kernel 2.4 is all fine!
> Now I have one big problem because tomorrow I need record some songs of
> pupils in school!! And I don't have machines with 2.4 kernel.
> And it's impossible record with that xruns!
> Thanks for any help!
> Alexander Franca
> Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
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