[ardour-users] Xrun - Aaarrrgghhh!!

Alexander alexander at edem.g12.br
Mon Sep 13 14:48:17 PDT 2004

Hi all!

[ sorry for my english, i'm brazilian ]

I have one Debian with 2.6.8 kernel, Atlhon 2.2, 256MB RAM and HD with 40GB.

Hard disk have 50MB/sec of transfer rate.

Jackd is 0.98.8

And I have a LOT of xruns!!!!

Somebody tell me about one patch. But I don't have any idea if it's realy necessary or where can I find this patch and how configure options of this patch.

Somebody can help me???!!!!

Wath's happen with jackd?!

In kernel 2.4 is all fine!

Now I have one big problem because tomorrow I need record some songs of pupils in school!! And I don't have machines with 2.4 kernel.

And it's impossible record with that xruns!

Thanks for any help!
Alexander Franca
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

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