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D. R. Evans N7DR at arrl.net
Sun Sep 12 14:53:04 PDT 2004

andy said the following at 2004-09-11 21:01 :

> Maybe what's needed is two documents - a technical manual which describes
> in detail how each part of the system works, and a tutorial which takes
> someone step by step through an example project, starting with the
> simplest examples and then building it up to do more complex things.

Yep, I'd agree with that. I dunno whether ir's better to have two 
documents or combine both approaches in a single document. Probably it 
doesn't really matter, as long as both documents (if there are two) are 
kept together so that some poor guy can't find himself with only a copy 
of the technical manual without realising that there's also an 
introductory manual somewhere.

I am responsible for a manual for another project; we have a "How to Use 
the Software Without Reading the Manual" chapter immediately after the 
installation chapter, and which walks him through the first use of the 
software. Of course, it only scratches the surface as to what the 
program can do, but it does mean that someone can get up and running 
without really understanding what he's doing. The other 200+ pages tells 
him all the stuff he's eventually going to need to know, but is 
completely overwhelming for the first-time user.

Something like that seems like it would work for Ardour as well.


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