[ardour-users] Book

D. R. Evans N7DR at arrl.net
Sat Sep 11 08:20:10 PDT 2004

Noah Roberts said the following at 2004-09-07 12:51 :
> What books on recording, mixing, mastering, are there that go well with 
> ardour?  I assume there are none that use ardour, but maybe there are 
> some good ones that use a software package similar enough to be useful 
> to me?

I feel your pain. I have ardour loaded on my laptop. I have yet to 
figure out how to record anything, even after a lot of trying and trying 
to make sense of what documentation exists. I eventually decided that I 
would just wait until some real documentation appears; the documentation 
that currently exists seems to be of sub-alpha quality :-(

(This is not really a complaint; the developers are working on getting 
the software to work, and it's not unreasonable, I guess, that there is 
basically no documentation until they are close to the first official 
release. And I expect that at that point the documentation will be well 
worth buying.)


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