[ardour-users] my bug collection...

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 8 23:06:24 PDT 2004

robin fell wrote:
> OK - it's been a long day at the office and I'm starting to mix, adding
> FX routes etc, and (not my doing) I've lost the snare drum?
> The master input shows the snare diskstream routed, but it's not in the
> mix.  The channel meter is bouncing nicely, but  any attempt to add
> master:1/2 to the (empty) output route brings up the error dialog with;
> [ERROR]: IO: cannot connect output port ardour:snare/out 1 to
> ardour:master/in 1

I've had this on a few occasions. Sometimes I've run out of ports with 
jack, and the other times for no reason at all I can find. (Not the 
renaming thing you mention below).

> Clearing the output connections has no effect.  Clearing master input
> routes and reconstructing - Whoa!!! snare:1/2 is listed twice - and
> neither of them is producing audio.
> It would appear I renamed an insert to an identical name as a
> diskstream.  Must remember not to do that again....
> Also, is anyone else getting Ardour crashes (sometimes) on CUTting a
> plugin?  Is there a faster way to reorder plugins other than
> copy/paste/delete?

Click+Drag them up and down?

> Rob
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