[ardour-users] HELP!! just clueless building from source

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 3 01:23:18 PDT 2004

Josh Karnes wrote:
> alright all you build-from-source junkies...
> The bug I'm seeing in 0.9beta19 seems to be related to binary 
> distribution so I attempted to build it from source.  Problem is it 
> won't build and neither will jack_fst or fst, they all think I don't 
> have jack installed.
> the configure script fails and tells me to add the path to "jack.pc" to 
> my "$PKG_CONFIG" environment variable, which is null...
> This is why I prefer rpms!!
> so what can I do to get around this?  "jack.pc" file does not exist on 
> my machine, but of course I have jack installed and it's working fine.  
> Do I need to hack the configure script, or ???
> Can someone help me?  I'm really stuck.

Hiya. Try building Jack from source too. It's a lot easier to build than 
Ardour, and should just work first time.

Also, either put where jack installs in your $PATH or do a
./configure --prefix=/usr
when you build it.

I find for various reasons I either build the lot from source or use all 
packages. Combining the two has led to problems for me. (Though that 
could well be me doing something stupid.)

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