[ardour-users] saving-restoring gain and automation??

Francisco Echeverria franciscoecheverria at vtr.net
Wed Sep 1 13:05:59 PDT 2004

Hi all.
I'm using planet ccrma low latency kernel on my rh9 machine. I think 
Ardour is  great, but i'm having some problems restoring gain levels and 
automations from saved sessions, specificly when i load a saved session, 
gain levels are set to the minimum, and gain/pan automations too. 
Actually i'm using Ardour/GTK 0.529.3 with libardour 0.827.4. I also 
tried to find a solution in this list, and what i found was something 
related to the language settings, with no specific instructions. Is 
there a tip for saving these parameters or it is a bug??. I have to tell 
that i'm from Chile; so my language settings are set for spanish and my 
english is not the best. I'm not an experienced linux user, so please 
any help would be appreciated.
if any information more detailed about my system is needed please let me 

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