[ardour-users] questions about harddisks and drums (sampling)

Jörg Ziefle ziefle at ifd.mavt.ethz.ch
Sun Oct 31 11:04:05 PST 2004


I am a new user of ardour. I've installed ardour, jack, jamin and
whatnot. Now I think I'm ready to go but still have some beginner

My setup is the following:

* IBM Thinkpad T42 (1 Gb RAM, 60 Gb harddisk w/ 5400 rpm)
* RME Hammerfall Multiface w/ cardbus interface
* some guitars and amps :)
* Midi keyboard

1. Is the harddisk fast enough, or will I need a 7200 rpm one (Hitachi

2. How do you guys do your drums? I'd like to use software samples like
   ``Drumkit from Hell'', but has anybody experience with that? If so,
   what software sampler are you using? Has anybody experience with a
   Midi-triggered expander, like the Yahama Motif?

3. I guess the 60 Gb won't last too long. Is an external (USB2-)
   harddisk advisable, or is it too slow for performance reasons? What's
   a good solution here?

4. Will I need an external mixer/equalizer?

Thanks for reading,


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