[ardour-users] using effects, mainly eq

Stephen Kelly stephen.kelly at dal.ca
Sat Oct 30 19:49:32 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm working on some music in Ardour and trying to figure out the best way to
equalize certain tracks.  I have about 10 tracks.  I start Jack with real time
priority and 44100 sampling using Qjackctl, and then start Ardour and open my
project.  What I'm doing is this:
In the mixer window I right-click on the "Post-fader inserts, sends, and
pluggins" box and choose "New Plugin".  Then I add the pluggin I'm trying to
use, which for the time being is just the Multiband EQ by Steve Harris.  It
seems to work ok on one track but if I try to add this pluggin on more than one
track I always get the error message "Jack has either shutdown or it has
disconnected Ardour because Ardour was not fast enough.  You should save the
session and restart both Jack and Ardour."
I've also tried using Jack Rack to add Multiband EQ to multiple tracks.  In this
case I open Jack Rack and add and enable the Multiband EQ.  Then I use the
"connect" patchbay in Qjackctl.  In the patchbay I disconnect the outputs I
want to EQ from the "master in", connect them to Jack Rack in, then connect
Jack Rack outs to the master in.  When I use this process I get quite a bit of
latency. (If I plug the Ardour click track through Jack Rack there is quite an
echo on the processed version).

Am I doing something wrong?
What is the best way to EQ multiple tracks?

Tahnks so much,

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