[ardour-users] Advice for RME Hammerfall DSP Cardbus Card

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Oct 25 05:49:24 PDT 2004

Hi Timm,

I use my HDSP Cardbus just about every day on an Asus laptop, and have 
been doing so for almost two years now. Despite some initial 
difficulties in getting it running, which resolved themselves when I 
changed from RedHat to Debian, then Gentoo, I must say that it performs 
quite well. Only problem I have is that if I use the MIDI in, and I have 
merged a few different MIDI instruments together before it gets to the 
HDSP, the MIDI stream can cause audio interruptions [verified in PD, not 
neccessarily in other programs]. I think this is related to using a 
completely *unrecommended* cardbus controller from Ricoh in my laptop. 
Check the hardware recommendations on the RME-Audio page against the 
spec of your own machine. I know that Ricoh is not recommeded, and 
neither are O2 controllers IIRC. Also read their section on shared 
memory graphics cards, which can also cause audio dropouts.

good luck,

Timm Helbig wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe this is the wrong list. If so, please tell me.
> Currently I'm looking for a mobile recording solution. The laptop is a 
> Compaq Presario 1800 with a 800 Mhz CPU and 192 MB Memory. This will 
> be used only for recording. 
> My question now is: Are there any lacks in support with the RME 
> Cardbus Card? I noticed messages about general problems with 
> registers earlier this year, but these seems to be fixed. I looked 
> the ardour mailing lists, but couldn't find some issues.
> Does anyone have some experience with this card? I just want to be 
> sure before buying. To use the OS from Redmond is not an option ;)

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