[ardour-users] verbose cursor - probably I confused

Andrew Gaydenko a at etver.com
Wed Oct 6 11:02:33 PDT 2004


Few days ago I have posted to this mailing list (and then - to devel list too)
some question (with subject "time/position/value helper missing"), and have not
got any answer. So, probably I confused: last time (before current days) I have
played with ardour few months ago. While, for example, dragging automation dot,
I saw transparent borderless window with currnet automation value, and 
window-position/automation-value were in sync with dragging. Something similar
(like current time position) took place while moving play/edit header. This all
is described here as far as I remember.

Well, the question is (do not laugh :-): has ardour described feature?

Probably, the feature is my fantasy only. But I can not sleep without your answer.


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