[ardour-users] more than 2 tracks?

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Mon Oct 4 03:27:25 PDT 2004

Hejsan :)

What are you actually trying to record? Have you connected anything to
the tracks that you are trying to record something on?

If it's analog in -  does the audio show up in envy24control but not in
ardour (assuming it's routed properly)? How many analog-in channels have
you got? (more than 4 = two stereo?)

If it's routed with jack - can you switch places(re route) and record on
some tracks but not all? And if so, what kind of routing and what kind
of track is it that works and that does not?

Are you absolutely sure you have connected everything the right way, you
could try to verify graphically with qjackctl...

You should be able to record as many (different) tracks your hardware is
capable of, first create tracks and route in audio to the tracks(this
could be it!) then press rec on every track that should record, and then
press the "big" rec and plan to actually start the recording.


mån 2004-10-04 klockan 11.55 skrev Pontus Berzén:
> Hi!
> I've just started recording at home, and I thought ardour seemed nice. 
> However, I can only record two tracks. If I try to record a third, there 
> is nothing but silence on that track. I can play more tracks than 2 at 
> the same time, and it doesn't matter if the tracks are stereo or mono, 
> but if I have two or more I can't record more. :(
> I can record several tracks with audacity, but that's not what I want. I 
> want ardour. ;)
> So I wonder if the tracks are limited by the hardware or if there is 
> something else I can do. I've got an Audiophile 24/96 (envy24, ice1712) 
> which otherwise seem to work great.
> Thanks a lot!
> /Pontus
> :wq
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