[ardour-users] Session did not load successfully

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Nov 30 13:05:40 PST 2004

ross at lug.udel.edu wrote on Tue, 30-Nov-2004:

 > Hello everyone,
 > 	Hit a terrible problem today... a session refuses to load.
 > When I try to open it, Ardour responds:
 > [ERROR]: Session: XMLNode describing a AudioRegion references an unknown source id =1101686258854863
 > [ERROR]: Session: cannot create Region from XML description.
 > [ERROR]: Session "/home/ross/audio/rawee/rawee (snapshot rawee)" did not load successfully
 > The weird thing is that nothing has changed since I worked on this
 > session a few days ago --- no disk crashes, no data corruption, no
 > changes to ardour's version.  I can't imagine what's causing this --- I
 > suppose it's possible that ardour incorrectly wrote the session
 > information?
 > Is there any way to get my session back?  I'm using ardour to digitize
 > some tape recordings and output them to WAVs, and I left off after the
 > last round of taping without exporing.  So if the session is gone, so
 > is all of my work...
First of all, this kind of problem is always repairable, as long
as the audio files are still there (which they will be).  Strange
that you'd hit this with no apparent change in software, but to
fix it you will need to edit the rawee.ardour file in a text editor.
search for the id # mentioned in the error message looking for
the <Region > that references it.  Then remove that region from
the file by cutting out <Region>...... </Region>.   

If you see the Source in there with that ID, all the stranger,
but note the filename, because you will need to import/embed that file
from the sounds/ directory as a new region back in ardour.  You
should be able to deduce what file was missing by its filename.

Make a backup of your broken session file (and send it to me too).



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