[ardour-users] Some doubts

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Nov 27 06:12:49 PST 2004

Joe Hartley wrote:

>On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 02:08:26 -0200
>Leandro Marco <leandromarco at gmail.com> wrote:
>>First. I have a rock band, so I will mainly use Ardour to record
>>things outside the computer. One of my doubts is: How is the best way
>>to connect my guitar or my keyboard to my sound card? 
>I see Jan's already given some helpful advice on using line-in jacks
>through a mixer, but I'd like to put in a good work for miking your
>amplifier.  In my experience, I usually get a much better guitar sound
>by having the guitar plugged into my amp (a Fender Ultimate Chorus) and
>using an SM57 connected to a mixer.  I can change the tone a bit by
>miking it either straight on, or turning it about 45 degrees so that
>the mike is perpendicular to the cone.
Hi Leandro:

I'll second Joe's suggestion. I have an electroacoustic guitar, a 
not-very-expensive Alvarez, and it sounds like amplified rubber strings 
if I record it directly from its output jack. OTOH, it sounds fine when 
I mic it, so that's the way I do it now.

And yes, use a mixer if you can. As Jan pointed out, a decent mixer is 
relatively inexpensive these days, and it will greatly increase your 
recording capabilities.

Btw, Jan failed to mention that he has a band himself, and that they 
record using Ardour. You can check his music out here:


>>P.S. Sorry for the English errors. i am Brazilian.

No apology necessary here. Most of my English-speaking friends abroad 
speak the language better than my neighbors. You're coming through 
crystal clearly... :)



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