[ardour-users] Some doubts

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Nov 27 05:12:29 PST 2004

The Audigy ES looks like it is well supported.  Always use the line-in
not the mic-in.  You can plug directly into the card from your guitar or
effects pedals but you'll probably have signal level problems.  It would
be better to buy a small mixer like the Behringer UB802 or UB1002:


This will allow you to record using mics as well as directly.  You will
also be able to set your input levels.  To record two instruments as
separate tracks just pan channel one hard left, channel two hard right,
and run the main outs into the line-in.


On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 22:08, Leandro Marco wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am a beginner in this issue (actually Ardour is the first DAW I 've
> been used), so I have some basic doubts and I am wondering if someone
> could help.
> First. I have a rock band, so I will mainly use Ardour to record
> things outside the computer. One of my doubts is: How is the best way
> to connect my guitar or my keyboard to my sound card? Nowadays I just
> plug the output of the effectt pedal (in the guitar example) or of my
> keyboard into my soundcard Line-In or Mic Input (because my sound card
> is bad I can't make Line-in work). But I know, that it is not the
> right way and I 've heard that I can danificate my sound card doing
> this because of eletric incompatibility between my sound card Line-in
> input and the output of the guitar (is this true?). Anyway, I will buy
> soon a new computer to work more seriously with DAW, so I want to make
> things the right way. And here come another question. Do you think
> Audigy ES (cames before Audigy 2) fits what I need to record things
> with a minimum of quality? There are several aspects besides the
> quality of the card like Linux support.
> Weel, for now is this. I appreciate very much if someone could help me.
> Bye
> Leandro.
> P.S. Sorry for the English errors. i am Brazilian.
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