[ardour-users] some questions

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Wed Nov 10 14:06:02 PST 2004

Josh Karnes wrote:

> Dave Phillips wrote:
> If anyone knows of a binary RPM for FC1 of beta19 or later with vst 
> support in it, I'm all ears!  Will the Mandrake rpm work?  I'm dying 
> over here!  ;)  The Planet CCRMA build does not have VST support...

Probably because of legal issues, as I've understood ,(

I've UL'ed my well-compiled (?!) MANDRAKE rpms at:

Don't know if this will work, though, because of the many dependencies 
etc, but if you wanna try have a go. Thacs site is here if you need some 
info like deps-list: http://rpm.nyvalls.se/

-johannes ringheim,

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