[ardour-users] some questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Nov 10 08:47:06 PST 2004


  Just a few questions for my fellow Ardouristas:

    Do you run Jack + Ardour as root ? (It seems to fix some performance 
problems for me).

    When I start writing an automated fade the fader always resets to 
unity before writing. Is there a way to force it to start from the 
fader's current position ?

    Do you have any favorite LADSPA or VST effects you use frequently ?

    Sometimes Alt-n doesn't normalize a region. I don't see any major 
spikes in the region, but the normalization doesn't take. Any 
suggestions other than exporting the region and fixing it in a soundfile 
editor ?

    I'm using a Delta 66 card. If you're using such a card, what are 
your JACK settings ?

  I'm writing an article about Ardour for the Linux Journal, I'm sure 
I'll ask more as I learn more...



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