[ardour-users] reporting errors

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Nov 8 14:04:12 PST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote on Mon, 08-Nov-2004:

 > > > Anyway, I'll sign up to ardour-dev for a day or two and send along the
 > > > compile failure I got form last evening's CVS tarball. I had hoped to
 > > > find a newer Ardour ebuild in portage but nothing newer than beta19.
 > I can us Mantis, but I think this problem is not a bug, per se. It's
 > just an oversite or aq tools issue most likely. I hate to put things
 > in the bug system that are caught on a nightly tarball since it may
 > just be that a developer didn't finish putting all the files in, etc.

The main reason to use ardour-dev for this stuff, is that Paul
subscribes to it and not this list.  Any build-time issues, especially
involving latest CVS snapshots should really be directed to the
developers as no ordinary user will know or care what the answer
is.   Luckily, I'm here but sometimes I might not answer all the questions

I think of the ardour-users list as a place for usage questions primarily.
Sadly, a lot of times only developers know the answers to
those too...

 > I'll join ardour-dev in a few minutes and post the error along there.
 > (Essentially ./autogen.sh fails. Pretty basic...)
You also know that to receive the very fastest answers, use IRC
#ardour channel.


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