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>Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 20:08:07 +0200
>From: Johannes Ringheim <jri at broadpark.no>
>Subject: [ardour-users] Ardour in sync with video?
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>I am producing various sound effects for an animation movie. As of now I 
>have completely moved over to Ardour, from Cooledit Pro on Windows. This 
>has been a great improvement, apart from a few bugs Ardour does so much 
>more then Cool. It is really a great application.
>However, the one thing I'm misssing, is a window showing the video in 
>sync. I am dreaming of having a player like mplayer running in sync with 
>ardour, but have not found any which support jack. Have also tried 
>Cinelerra, but it is a big step back when it comes to audio. I do not 
>have any video-hardware, so it would be the best if this could be done 
>locally on the computer.
>Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated, it would be very nice 
>not having to reboot back and forth, or going back to Windows completely 
>for this type of work ,-9
>-johannes ringheim.
There are some plugins that run with xmms and enable Qucktime movie 
files - Qt-XMMS and avi-xmms
smpeg-xmms that enable to play other video files. I think it is 
theoreticly possible to play xmms with jack support playing these files 
at the same time with ardour, but xmms is not capable to sync with 
anything unless it could be started together with ardour by using rtmix. 
Rtmix can controll any application that can be controlled under console 
and it could also controll xmms, but with some limitations. I think also 
that there should be also a program that can start/stop jack-transport 
under console and it that case start ardour, but I haven't checked it 
yet. So if everything works what I have just described, You can have 
ardour and movie player playing together.
Let me know if this works. I'm using now cinelerra but it would be very 
interesting to sync these programs, because then it would be also 
possible to work with midi synced (muse or rosegarden) and video.
If somebody could write some rtmix native scripts to controll xmms and 
jack transport it would be much easier.


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