[ardour-users] Working, sorta!

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Wed May 26 17:25:06 PDT 2004

Josh Karnes wrote:

> OK, well I got envy24control working, and except for the fact that it 
> does not seem to save the settings, it works.  How do I save the 
> settings, or at least make some defaults?

alsactl store
Have not tried it myself on the 1010, but that should save the settings. 
I think alsactl comes with alsa...
You may need  to be root to do this.

> Ardour seems to work with it, monitor mixer working, there's hope.  I 
> got the modules.conf file set up and if I run "modprobe *" then the 
> envy24 loads ok, but doesn't seem to do it on boot.  Also on boot, 
> every time the "Kudzu" app runs, saying it's detected the sound 
> card...  any way to make this permanent so I don't have to hack it 
> every time?

Is there a modprobe.conf file? Chucking it in there might work.
I don't know much about this.

> Seems the jackd -p 2048 has maybe solved the xruns.

You could try launching jack as root and enabling realtime 
scheduling.... ( the -R does this)
#jackd -R -d alsa -p 2048    or whatever.
You need to launch Ardour as root too if you do this.
It makes a massive difference for getting rid of xruns!
If you are not doing this already, try it, and you may well be able to 
use a lower latency too.

> Hopefully I'll be cutting tracks again this weekend :)
> Thanks for the advice...  I guess I have a lot of tweaking/tinkering 
> to do before things are going to work smoothly.  Even being a pretty 
> experienced Linux user, and considered the local "Linux Guy" at my 
> office (Cisco Systems in Austin), I still find this is challenging to 
> get it all running.

Yea. It's too tricky to get it all working happily. I reackon once 1.0 
is out people will package the whole shebang to make it as near a single 
click install as possible.

I would personally like to see a distro built with Ardour as the centre.
No apache, no sendmail, no gcc, no OSS/ALSA only apps, just XFCE, LADSPA 
plugs, Ardour and Jack apps. All the tweakables tweaked and all the 
potential pitfalls avoided. Brutal simplicity and removal of options 
would be the focus. Guess I'd better get working. :)

Many musicians I know have enough trouble installing Cubase, let alone 
tweaking a Linux distro and installing Ardour.

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