[ardour-users] import/export projects

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Wed May 26 07:47:35 PDT 2004

Josh Karnes wrote:

> philicorda wrote:
>> Hiya.
>> I can import broadcast wav files from Cubase SX into Ardour fine. I 
>> assume Nuendo is the same.
> Yeah, I can obviously import just the sound files, but I wanted to 
> import an entire project (or as Ardour calls it, "session") file, 
> including things like fades, tempo, pan, level, etc.
> Nuendo has a variety of export options, some of which are supposedly 
> industry-standard, but I didn't see any way to import a file into Ardour.

I don't think there is any way right now...
OMF might be the best bet for the future. An OMF to Ardour session 
convertor would be handy.
Nuendo, PT and Sonar can all use OMF. However, I've had many problems 
with OMF with non Avid owned apps, so use another method (see end)

> However for now there are much more serious impediments to my running 
> Ardour:
> 1.  I can't figure out how, or if it's even possible, to use the 
> "monitor mixer" feature of the Delta 1010 in Linux

Get envy24control I think it's part of alsa-utils or something. It looks 
pretty much identical to the windows one, even does a little more...

> 2.  constant xruns, dunno why

Could be anything. Try starting jack with a large period size (-p 2048 
seems to be the largest the 1010 will do in Linux) and using hardware 
monitoring (manually).
Try killing off a load of services and running a lighter desktop. I use 

> 3.  Hardware monitoring is not working with Delta 1010 and Ardour

I can't get this working either, though I have not tried all that hard. 
I use the envy24control mixer on my delta 1010 box.
It's broken in the latest Cubase SX with the latest 1010 drivers too.

> 4.  Windows drawn on the screen are too large for my display and I 
> can't resize them

Try holding down alt and then click anywhere in the window and drag it. 
You should be able to get the window's full screen/minimise/resize etc 
controls visable if they are off the screen initially. I find 1280x1024 
to be a good resolution for Ardour, avoids this kind of problem.

> Once I can figure out how to just basically make the system WORK, then 
> I guess I'll be back on the topic of getting my projects into it.  
> Something tells me it is not going to work no matter what so this may 
> be a waste of time.

It's got to work a little, or we would not all be here.

When I give entire projects to people running different sequencers on 
different architectures, the only reliable way I've found is to render 
each track as a single wav from the start of the song.
Then, they import all the tracks and everything syncs up fine. It's a 
waste of disk space, and obviously has no volume/pan/fades etc, but it 
does work every time. Generally, If I'm giving a song to be remixed they 
will start from scratch on the mix anyway, so it's not been a big problem.

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