[ardour-users] NooB with glib-config and glib version errors

Joe Button ardour at joebutton.co.uk
Sat May 22 10:26:04 PDT 2004

On Saturday 22 May 2004 18:11, you wrote:
> > Do you have the -devel packages for your glib? If you do then maybe you
> > need libglib1.2 and libglib1.2-devel. Ardour compiles on my Mandrake 10
> > and I have both of those.
> No, I don't have the glib-devel.  I tried to find a 2.4.1 edition of
> glib-devel and came up empty.

Have you tried the 1.2 -devel package? You might find it's sufficient to 
satisfy Ardour, but I don't actually know.

If it needs 2.x, and you can't find a devel package for your currently 
installed version, you're either going to have to uninstall the current 
version and anything that depends on it or reinstall it from source I'm 

I dream of a day when all this stuff will be _finished_ and we won't have to 
jump through all these hoops. Certainly things are getting easier, but 
audio's an area where Linux is still catching up.

Good luck,


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