[ardour-users] Question: Suse 9.1 / AMD 64 / Echo Audio Drivers

Aaron ardour-list at aaron1.net
Mon May 17 09:50:22 PDT 2004

I've recently built a new Athlon64-based PC.  It has an Echo MIA digital
audio card (and is VERY fast!).  I'm using it as a digital audio
workstation with WinXP and Sonar, but would like to try Ardour.  I am
fairly Linux-proficient and have built, installed, and configured many
applications under RHL.

Can use the 64-bit capability of my new computer with Suse 9.1 and Ardour?
 Echo does not publish Linux drivers on their website, but I read
somewhere that the card is "fully supported" by Ardour.  Also, how would
such a driver work under 64-bit Suse 9.1?  Could you just recompile it?

I don't understand how this works.  Do I have to locate a pre-built 64-bit
Linux driver for that exact card before successuflly installing?  Does
Suse 9.1 / 64 support 32-bit audio device drivers?  What is the trick, or
is this currently impossible?

Please also copy replies to my address below, so I don't miss them.
Thanks a lot!

--  Aaron
--  aaron <at> aaron1.net

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