[ardour-users] RME card question

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The 9652 isn't designed like a consumer card that has computer speaker
output - it assumes you're sitting in a studio where you will take the spdif
or ADAT output to something like a mixer and from there you have a
monitoring situation

if you want to use the 'ol computer speaker situation, leave the SB live
in - I for one wouldn't leave the SB Live in because of possible conflicts
that aren't worth messing with, but that's because I have the whole
mixer/monitor situation...

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> Thanks to the kind advice of those on this list, I just got my RME
> and plugged it in.  Before I go through the bother of getting all the
> hardware et.al. installed I figured it might be cogent to ask whether I
> should leave my SBLive in?  I didn't see a speaker port on the HDSP, but I
> could be missing something.
> Thanks
> -Dan Sawyer
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