[ardour-users] selections and regions

Jacob Garchik Jacob at Musicarc.org
Wed Mar 24 11:08:12 PST 2004

Do you know what exactly those outstanding bugs are? Is it therefore
impossible to properly select certain regions? Or am I just missing
Also, can I name regions like I can tracks? 
What effect does the middle mouse button have on clicking on a region in
object mode?
Sorry for the inquisition, 

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There are some outstanding bugs in the region layering code.

There is also the possibility that we will introduce an "expanded"
layer view, where overlapping regions will be shown on separate
rows in a vertically expanded track view.

However, an alternative method to do multiple takes is to create
a new playlist before each take (this is very similar to the notion
of virtual tracks in dedicated hardware DAWs such as the Roland
VS series or ennumerable other machines).  Just press the 'p'
button on the track header area and choose New.  You can switch
between playlist by picking the named entries in the 'p' menu.
If you wanted to use a region from another playlist, you can drag
it in from the regionlist (if you can identify it by name).


Jacob Garchik wrote:

 > Hello. 
 > I have a single track with multiple layers of audio. I recorded multiple
 > takes on one track. I was under the impression that I would be able to
 > each take later. Some takes are shorter than others. 
 > I'm having trouble selecting various takes. I know right clicking and
 > choosing "send region to bottom layer" will move the layers around, but
 > layers, it seems, never come back to the top. Especially tricky are the
 > shorter layers, who may be surrounded on both sides by audio from longer
 > takes. Clicking on these shorter layers just selects the surrounding
 > Is there a way to toggle between selections using a list of regions? All
 > layers have distinct names. Shouldn't I be able to choose from a list
what I
 > want selected?
 > Excuse my confusing terminology and reply if you need clarification. 
 > Thanks in advance, 
 > Jacob

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