[ardour-users] can't bounce with effects

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Mar 24 06:54:00 PST 2004

You need to turn on "Enable plugins while recording" option in
the Option Editor (misc tab i believe).

As for the automation crashing, make sure you are running the
latest release, and please please please report your bugs to our
bugtracking system at http://ardour.org/mantis



tim wrote on Wed, 24-Mar-2004:

 > Can anyone tell me how to a) automate without crashing, or b) bounce 
 > with effects?
 > I want to fade a delayed signal in and out on a track.  To work around 
 > automation crashing or freezing my computer, I'm trying to bounce the 
 > track without any dry signal while manually changing the gain slider. 
 > I've tried sending the wet output of the track I'm bouncing to the new 
 > track, and only the dry signal shows up once the track is recorded.  
 > I've also tried using a send but no signal at all gets through when 
 > recording even though its there when playing.
 > Thanks for any hints,
 > Tim

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