[ardour-users] Potential user Ardour questions

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Mon Mar 22 17:23:29 PST 2004

On Lundi 22 Mars 2004 01:29, Josh Karnes wrote:

> Anyway, that's just to say, I am not sure that it's going to be easy for me
> to abandon Blockfish and get with any of the number of available LADSPA
> plugins. How easy is it to port a VST plugin to LADSPA, assuming the source
> is available? Blockfish is a special thing, not just a random compressor. 
> Class by itself.

I briefly tested Blockfish in ardour with vstserver, a few minutes ago. It 
seems to work well. Like it has been said there are some limitations with the 
ladspa wrapper, you cannot use the native Gui of the plugins if you want your 
setting to be stored in the song file. 

look at http://djcj.org/LAU/ladspavst/ for a list of know working plugins


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