[ardour-users] Potential user Ardour questions

Dan Harper tech at danharper.org
Sun Mar 21 17:12:26 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 12:05, Josh Karnes wrote:
> However, it seems a bit "heavy" for an audio application...  It's got a lot 
> of fluff that gets installed without any real choice in the matter.  I have 
> learned that cleaner is better for my audio PC.

Yeah that's true.

One thing to fix that is just to change the window manager that you
use.  Try blackbox or fluxbox, nice and streamlined.  The other option
I've done is to go through and disable all the pretty stuff.

Either option works, but if you want a fast, streamlined distro, then I
have heard good things about Gentoo.


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