[ardour-users] Potential user Ardour questions

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sat Mar 20 07:16:51 PST 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Josh Karnes wrote:

> Hello all-
> Hopefully I'm not barking up the wrong tree here.  I just subscribed to this
> list today, but I've been considering converting to Ardour for over a year.
> Here's my current setup:
> Athlon 1.4GHz w/ 256M and a coupla HD's
> Win98SE
> Nuendo
> M-Audio Delta 1010, may add on another 1010 or a Delta 44.
> I generally do basic tracks at once (up to 8 channels, eventually more), and
> then overdub 2-4 tracks at a time until I get track count in the 30's, all at
> 24/44.1.  I am addicted to VST effects Blockfish & Freeverb, but also I use EQ
> (Nuendo EQ) and delay frequently.
> I am considering moving to Ardour on Fedora Core distro with gnome, and using
> the Wine/VST server thing to get at my VST plugins.  I have some questions that
> I can't find answers to, maybe someone here can help.
> First, exactly how doable, reliable is the Wine/VST server?  Does this _really_
> work?

Yes, it _really_ works, and very well too. For those plugins that work,
that is. Unfortunately, not all work. Another problem is that ardour
does not support vst-plugins, only ladspa-plugins. And the ladspa-plugin
format is not advanced enough to make a fully functional vst-wrapper.
There are workarounds, but the best would be if ardour would support

Paul, whats the situation on vst-plugin support in Ardour?

> Secondly, what's the performance comparison?  Am I going to be able to do with
> Ardour what I am doing with Nuendo with similar performance?

Should think so.

> What's the latency like with this kind of hardware?

1-3ms or something if you are lucky. Should be better than in windows,
but you might spend some time tuning the system.


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