[ardour-users] the land of xruns

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 11:16:56 PST 2004

--- derek holzer <derek at x-i.net> wrote:
> Hi Matt
> Lawrie Abbott wrote:
> > Matt Polashek wrote:
> >> I am in the land of xruns.  Can someone help me
> get out. I am running 
> >> Fedora
> >> fc1.
> >

Somehow with a Planet install I managed to mount the
jack tmp on a journaled filesystem. Xruns were very
frequent and occured with frames of 1024. They
wouldn't happen with large frames until recording
eight or more tracks but once they started they
wouldn't stop.

I now have:
none                    /mnt/raid5/tmp/jack     tmpfs 
 defaults        0 0

That is an ext2 filesystem. As I write this, I am
running an Ardour stereo mix to JAMin, JAMin out to
Ardour and recording that while using the network with
a frame of 64. No problems!

Never mind. It's Xrunning like crazy again. This is
the point where I beat on the drums or try a more
reasonable frame; 256. :)


> Simplest thing would be install the Planet CCRMA
> kernel for Fedora, and 
> check out the systems tuning stuff mentioned above.
> Next step is the use 
> a lightweight window manager like Fluxbox or
> Windowmaker. Every time I 
> see somebody doing live audio work under Linux, I
> know I ain't looking 
> at Gnome or KDE ;-) Checking your PCI/IRQ interrupts
> and seeing if 
> there's conflict is another step, as this site
> describes:
>  >
> good luck,
> d.
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