[ardour-users] setting MTC device in Ardour

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Tue Mar 2 16:28:03 PST 2004

Hi everyone. I'm going to be around here from now on. I am a Samplitude 
user, but since they've put an asio layer in it now it does some crazy
things and they've changed the community access etc.....so I'm not
I have a fully blown digital studio ( 4 pc's) producing everything from
albums to program music for video\film production, v'overs etc. Now,
that said, I'm sick of Samplitude and Windows, (7 years is enough) I
want JACK\ARDOUR  to be the core of my studio. What is sorely lacking
with all the apps under LINUX at the moment is effective SMPTE-MTC I\O.
Without it I'm finding it hard to intergrate into my environment. ARDOUR
does do MTC, but only 30 drop, is that correct ?  Is there / will there
be a way of changing that ? I have had a look at the ardour.rc file and
found some entries for the midi device. Can you tell me please how to
change the default midi device for MTC ? I have 2 cards installed in the
main DAW. The main card is a C-Port (ice1712) which apparently the midi
layer under ALSA is faulty. I need to use the alternate card for midi
comms. That is fine, but I'm not sure how-to swap the modules around. I
hope I can help in road-testing these fine apps and make them even
better. Paul, if all goes well, I may start building machines, with
ARDOUR/JACK etc pre-installed. If I do, I'll incorporate a licence fee
for you in such a package. Something to work on... good model for others
to follow perhaps when the dust settles on V 1 ?

Now, I know lotz about Windoze, but I'm only just begining with LINUX so
I'll probably be asking some stupid and annoying questions. But if
you'll bare with me, I promise I wont use the "f" word........

Cheers for now.


BTW, thanks for fixing the play-head issue. It now works fine.

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