[ardour-users] equaliser ???

Otto Hase sorax at powerup.com.au
Mon Mar 1 18:07:12 PST 2004

Hi I got Ardour working (suse9.0 and envy chip base soundcard EWS88mt ..if sombody has a question ) and I am able to record and playback (by trail and error) ..it seems to be quite powerfull and I must say confusing. However I want to record my music under Linux staying away from the MS$%^& stuff...I guess like all of you.

a)How do I equalise a track or a number of tracks?
b)how do I output the result as a 2 track audio file ready to be burnt onto CD?

I also could not open the mixer-window anylonger ????

Thanks Otto greetings from Australia

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